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  • 你有没有来过奇迹的影响者营销活动结束,我怎样才能讲述它是否成功?只有一种方法可以找到:选择正确的指标并分析可衡量的结果。做好准备。得到设置。拿出你的计算器。是时候做数学了!

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    Are you simply producing content and pitching calls to action to your target audiences? It’s time to start adding emotional experiences to the mix. These kinds of engagements can transform your company and create long-term connections between customers and your brand. Ready to get started?

  • 并非所有作家都是营销人员,但(就像它一样)每个营销人员都是作家。那包括你!听起来可怕?它不一定。您只需一条路线图即可让您获得您需要的地方以及一些关于避免陷阱和沿途的颠簸的良好建议。

  • 不要只是卖给你的目标客户。很喜欢与你最好的朋友(永远!)建立持久的关系,长期成功通过了解它们,寻找共同点,并解决他们的每一步。

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  • Flattery might not get you everywhere (we've tried), but a balance of sweet talk and incentives can get you in on the action. Think of it as an audition: impress the right influencer and you'll be heading straight for prime time with them at your side. Which direction is the runway to success? We'll show you.

  • Appealing to influencers is part art, part science. And you need a stacked plan in place before you pitch them. Here's everything you need to do in order to work with those influencers you want to work with the most (and who will benefit you the most!).

  • Matchmaking is alive and well—and not just on reality TV. But finding the right influencers to engage and motivate your audience takes time, effort, and likely a few new steps you've yet to master. The good news is, once you've identified possible connections, you're on your way to fulfilling results. Get ready to swipe right.

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    A brand is a value-generating machine. But actually generating revenue from that brand? That's not always easy. How much money your brand makes, and how valuable it becomes, is up to you and (more importantly) your customers. The key to success is knowing what your customers want... and delivering on it.

  • What unique value does your company offer customers? We're talking beyond taglines and other marketing language: what's at the very core of why your company exists? By focusing on your value proposition, you can keep your business on the right track (and growing).

  • 您是否发现您是如此繁忙的规划,实施和跟踪您忽视您的实际策略是什么的营销活动?manbetx电脑连接现在是时候让你的大图片业务目标(以及如何实现它们)。我们会告诉你如何。

  • 在今天的喧嚣世界中,很容易忘记营销不仅仅是创造内容和嘎吱嘎吱的数字(与这些任务可能是重要的)。现在是时候重新认识到基本面,真正让自己成功。

  • Do you ever wish you had a better handle on Search Engine Optimization? More familiarity with the concepts that could help you make better SEO plans and better communicate your needs to your technical team members? Let us show you how to speak today’s SEO language and win big at search.

  • 现代买家的旅程比以往任何时候都更加复杂,无数的路线到达圣杯:购买。那么,你如何最好地收集所需的数据,并获得您想要的客户和潜在客户的洞察力?我们将向您展示您在分析客户行为 - 并挖掘金矿所需的一切。

  • Influencers are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Working with respected, trusted influencers in your industry on targeted campaigns can spark awareness, elevate your brand, boost sales, increase loyalty, and build your business. The key is knowing how to do it flawlessly. We can show you why and (more importantly) how to build influencer campaigns that truly work.

  • Marketing automation: You can't just set it and forget it, and there's no Easy Button to press that'll get you instant results. But you can make it easier for everyone on your team with some understanding, forethought, and planning. Because here's the truth: You have to be ready to roll up your sleeves and do the work up front. Then optimize, optimize, optimize. We said that three times for emphasis, because refining your marketing automation is a process. But once you do? Totally worth it. Let's get to it.

  • Successful marketing teams don't appear magically or spontaneously. And sometimes a team that looks fabulous on paper just can't perform to the potential you know is there. This course will help you optimize your team through assessment, customized compensation, and strategic hiring. Get ready to activate your marketing department Dream Team!

  • 它比以往任何时候都更容易量化营销的影响并重新创造成功。你从哪里开始?通过学习构建您的营销分析,测试结论和目前的结果。

  • 每个人都谈到了巨大的内容营销。但很少有人可以告诉你如何做得很好。如果您当前的内容计划比战略更加散发出来,本课程就是您,如果您的投资回报率是通过效率低效的“看到什么棒”度量来衡量。您将在这里学习的内容将完全改变您的方法。

  • 内容营销比搅拌一些白皮书和电子邮件更多。您需要一致的顶部货架资产流量,这些资产与您的受众共鸣并驱动所需的行动。了解内容创建的有目的的方法......一种使用您已经拥有的(智能)的内容并确认您仍然需要的内容。